When I think about the central aim of all my striving, the deepest goals and values I can imagine, I'm at a place beyond words. So, I represent this central goal as an image, an empty circle:

empty circle

I haven't found one word or phrase that describes this goal, but I have found two phrases:

be present

end suffering

When you can intuit a combination of both of these phrases, you have a sense of what I'm trying to aim for.

I also have played with a wordier way to express this:

My contact with the world is vital, honest, and whole.
I love being alive and I love all living beings.
I sense, feel, think, and act deeply.
I fiercely and gratefully tackle issues and concerns in the service of my deepest values and goals.
The depth of my commitment to my values and goals easily sweeps aside any possible conflict with unchosen habits, fear of other people's reactions, short-term pleasure seeking and pain avoidance, and other obstacles to acting in concert with my values and goals.
I am totally willing to embody compassion and wisdom and to learn these anywhere and from anyone.
My living is simple and balanced.

Sometimes I read this stuff and I realize how far my moment by moment existence is from these goals, and I am uneasy at my arrogance. Other times, I'm quite sure that without articulating these sorts of goals, I'd be lost. People need to know what their values are, so that they can make good choices when dealing with the defaults offered by their culture.

I've also broken these goals down into specific areas of life.

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