For each area of my life, I've listed the key goals and values. I've expressed these in the present tense. Some are accomplished already, some are far from complete. They are in the present tense to help me envision them as if true now, as a guide to my actions.

I use these as the top of a hierarchy of my projects and to-dos. If I can't fit a project or to-do in to one of these goals, that's a trigger to question why I'd be thinking of doing the project.

Through writing, music, and other arts, I find evocative ways to express the layers of truth and beauty to be found in living and noticing each moment.

I build my musical vocabulary by practicing the saxaphone and playing with others.

I regularly try out other forms of creative expression to discover what they might hold for me in accomplishing my goals.
I tend to my mind as to a garden.

I regularly use creative expression, meditation, and other ways of bringing beauty and grace to the moment. I use these techniques to synthesize the inner mental structures created in response to experience.

I consider the effects on my mind of the actions I choose, and find activities that will tend to support the habits of mind I am trying to cultivate.

I regularly review & enhance the usefulness & precision of my list of goals & values & I keep connecting these goals and values to daily tasks.

I study and write about systems that provide meaningful accounts of what consciousness is.
My actions are consistent with creating the kind of world I want to live in.

I keep finding ways to do more with less to reduce my negative impact on the environment

I support with time & energy organizations that act to create a sustainable culture.

I learn about how the planet's systems interconnect, and explore how I can participate in creating sustainable webs for all living beings.

I deepen my connection with my local ecosystem by study, contemplation, and documentation.
My marriage is a source of love, satisfaction, and support in my life.

I regularly enhance that source by putting in love, time, and attention to the quality of our relationship.

"I'll always play with you, no matter what" - from wedding vows, 4/8/90

I'm always honest with Dana. I look for ways to deepen that honesty.
I have high cardiovascular efficiency

My weight is consistent with maximal health & energy level

I eat healthy foods in healthy amounts and enjoy eating it

I am graceful, strong, and fast.

Any back, hip. or other pain problems I might have are resolved or effectively managed.

My eyesight is excellent, with a minimum of extra aids.

I continue to maintain & improve the state of my dental health.

My choices are consistent with living a long and healthy life.
My relationship to money is handled as an enjoyable easy necessity that acts in support of increasing my options in life.

I will maintain & execute a plan for achieving financial independence as soon as possible and consistent with my other goals & projects..


I have a varied and interesting circle of friends, relatives and acquaintances where I find intimacy, play, laughs, challenges, learning, and support for my goals and values.

I live in a cohousing community with neighbors I love.

I help my community function well, by promoting and supporting open communication, democratic decision-making, and systems and norms that support people's well-being and growth.

I maintain and increase my understanding of safety, first aid, and first responder skills, so that I can effectively intervene when I encounter physical pain, suffering, and situations that create a high risk of injury.

In all my activities, I'm open to deepening my connections with people, and I find ways to make these connections.
My shelter is an inviting, relaxing, helpful place to live for me and my family

I do regular maintenance.

The living space is clean and well-organized

I obtain new devices and tools to support my shelter's purposes.

My landscape is inviting, relaxing, and functional. It contributes to local ecological health and species diversity.

I can relax in my home & reconnect easily with my goals and values there.

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