We received a number of pictures from NEWFS that we can use in invasive educational efforts.

I've stored them one per web page, to make the load-time reasonable.

We can request higher-resolution versions if we plan to print these on high-quality paper stock.

Iris pseudacorus credit: Dorothy S. Long (Yellow Flag Iris)
Lythrum salicaria credit:   credit: unknown (Purple Loosestrife)
Phragmites australis credit:   Chris Mattrick (Phragmites or Common Reed)
Polygonum cuspidatum credit:   John A. Lynch (Japanese Knotweed)
Rosa multiflora credit:  John Lynch (Multiflora Rose)
Trapa natans credit:  Jean Baxter (Water Chestnut)
Acer platanoides credit:    unknown (Norway Maple)
Ailanthus altissima credit:   Mary M. Walker (Tree of Heaven)
Berberis thunbergii credit:   Leslie J. Mehrhoff (Japanese Barberry)
Elaeganus umbellata credit:  Adelaide M. Pratt (Autumn Olive)
Euonymous alatus credit:    Les Myerhoff (Burning Bush)
Frangula alnus credit:  Chris Mattrick (Glossy Buckthorn)
Celastrus orbiculatus credit: John Lynch (Oriental Bittersweet)