Arboretum  - Alliaria petiolata (Garlic Mustard)

Date: 02006 June 18         Time: 9AM - 11:30AM

Conservation Area: Will's Hole Town Forest

Workers: Jim Snyder-Grant, Nan Towle Millett

Location (description) Along yellow trail, between NARA Park entrance and Captain Handley Rd entramce

Location (Coordinates): Middle of area was near 42° 31' N, 71° 25'  W (WGS84/NAD83 - from Google Earth)

Target Species (Latin): Alliaria petiolata     Target Species (Common): Garlic Mustard

Permissions: Written permission (via email May 23, 2006 1:14 PM) from Tom Tidman, Acton Natural Resources Director.

Wetlands: Mostly no. Some seeps and culverts  Herbicides: No

Summary of Plan: Pull A. petiolata invasion along yellow trail, and survey extent.

Reference to larger plan: - Garlic Mustard is the #1 priority species.

Survey (or re-survey) results: Area of invasion was roughly as shown on map ( , look for 'ALPE'), but invasion marked along Capt. Handley Road entrance was not found. We found plants in small patches along the yellow trail, starting soon after the first culvert crossing. Path is fairly wide there, maintained with stone dust, so there was a fair amount of sun coming in.

Results: Bagged around two garbage-bags worth, weighed 8 pounds. (We used Nan's large weed-collecting bag, which she will bake in sun for a few months, or dispose of material at transfer station as trash for burning).  Mostly just pulled second-year plants but also gathered some of the basal rosettes. I also suspect I pulled some geranium rosettes before I focused in on the difference (oops).

Next Steps (roughly in priority order):

  1. Next season: re-pull second-year plants along trail, survey again for more plants in other parts of the trail.

Lessons Learned: