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Report on Invasive Plants on Acton Conservation Lands - 2006 (.DOC file - MS-Word format)
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Action reports
Arboretum Garlic Mustard May 25 2006
Arboretum Garlic Mustard June 5 2006
Will's Hole Town Forest Garlic Mustard June 18 2006
Acton Arboretum
Invasive Plant Poster For 2006 Arboretum day
Arboretum Norway Maple project
Acton Arboretum Norway Maple Plan - 2003
Acton Arboretum Educational Flyer - 2003
Acton Arboretum Work Notes - 2003
Wetherbee Conservation Land
Japanese Knotweed Plan - 2006
Earth Day 2003
Draft of Earth Day Poster - Wordy Version
Draft of Earth Day Poster - Bullet Version
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Acton Invasives strategy -- OLD draft outline 2002
Treatment options
Mapping Data
Acton Invasives Maps from 2005 - Rough Annotations

IPANE (Invasive Plant Atlas of New England)

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Wooly Adelgid
Wooly Adelgid Hemlock Policy - Word File (from Trustees of Reservations)